Anything but Cliché: Beth Finkelstein and Discovering Purpose-Driven Work


Beth Finkelstein says: “Cliché alert! I love my job because I get to help people.” Yet at The Forem, we believe that there is nothing cliché about discovering a career path that intersects your strengths and your passions.

Prior to becoming the Founder of B and D Coaching and branching out into entrepreneurship and career coaching, Beth worked in the social sector for twenty years. She spent half of that time in executive leadership working with people who had her dream job.

“I had the chance to work with some incredible coaches as a client, and I was always intrigued by their work,” Beth reflected to us recently. “And, if I’m being honest, I was a little jealous. It took me years (and a global pandemic) to make the pivot, but it’s been the best thing I’ve done.”

Pivots, as Beth knows, can be frightening: they require a combination of internal conviction and timing that makes sense for the individual. Ultimately, what drew Beth to her new career path as a coach was a deep belief in the power of putting tools in other people’s hands.

“It can sometimes feel like the “secret” of getting ahead in your career is super complicated and elusive; something shared with a privileged few behind closed doors. That’s not the case,” she said. It’s a sentiment that we share at The Forem, and a big reason why Beth was a perfect fit to join the Mentor Program.

“What I love about The Forem’s community and methodology is that it demystifies these secrets, democratizes them and disseminates them in simple, easy to follow steps. To be a mentor, for me, is participating in this and working with amazing women.”

Beth particularly loves helping clients talk about purpose-driven work, and how giving back can relate to all aspects of a working life, including negotiating, advocating for yourself, and finding better balance and more projects you love.

Some of the best advice she ever received? Never eat lunch alone. “It’s hard to achieve (and sometimes we do need some time to ourselves to decompress), but it illustrates the importance of networking,” she explained. “I think every time I’ve failed in my career it has been because I either moved too fast or didn’t build key relationships. I’m always reminding myself, and my clients, to slow down and to put relationships first.”


TV Shows:

  • Insecure (Issa Rae)

  • Better Things (Pamela Adlon)


Beth has 20 years of experience leading not for profit programs and organizations (ten in executive leadership).  She’s led some pretty cool organizational transitions, including building a start-up organization from the ground up and helping a national organization better engage their local affiliates. Currently, she is a Lead Trainer and Consultant at the SAB Negotiation Group and a private executive coach. She believes that as you develop professionally and navigate career transitions, not only should your skills, competencies and goals expand, but also your overall confidence, happiness and wellbeing. She partners with professionals as an objective confidant to work through challenges, clarify goals, and reflect on personal strengths and areas for growth. She holds a Masters from Harvard University and a B.S. from New York University.  If she’s not working, she’s home with her husband, daughter, dog and cat in New Jersey.