From Leadership to Mentorship: Meet Preetham


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In his second year as a leader, Preetham Singh Deasingh discovered his passion for mentoring and uplifting others in their careers.

“My passion to serve was brought to my consciousness when the people whom I spent time empowering started to open up and share their experiences and their progress in life,” Preetham reflected to us recently. “There has been no turning back since then.”

The Forem has a team of volunteer mentors who all share Preetham’s belief that everyone deserves career support. Before The Forem launched its mentorship program, chances to speak one-on-one with existing leaders and talk through career challenges were slim — yet this is a critical resource for anyone trying to open up opportunities.

“The world is full of brilliant talents with great potential waiting to be unlocked,” Preetham told us. “But, they face challenges in choosing the right job, adapting to change, and handling conflict.”

Preetham’s own experience, and his ability to persevere, makes him an expert in facing those challenges.

“When I was first starting out, I failed as a leader to identify potential conflict and resolve it quickly. One instance that comes to mind: I had started to judge a new member based on opinions received from peers, and eventually the conflict grew.” Preetham reflected. Luckily, he had a mentor to go to.

“I talked about the incident with my mentor and understood my mistake for not thinking through the individual person’s viewpoint. It was a big lesson for me, and I took special care to be inclusive and move away from any kind of bias from that incident onwards.”

Now as a mentor himself, Preetham finds joy in helping others grow.

“Uplifting others around me has been extremely rewarding for me, and I feel a great sense of satisfaction and pride. Fortunately, this has helped me in shaping my career as a leader.”

He also thinks mentoring provides a great opportunity to expand his horizons and connect with diverse audiences (and therefore understand their unique perspectives).

“The Forem is an amazing platform for anyone to meet peers, mentors from the best of the business. As a mentor, I have developed great listening skills, new ideas by collaboration, and emotional intelligence.”

If you are a Member, you can book time with Preetham on the platform. To find out how to join The Forem, click here.


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Preetham has been at the forefront of digital marketing evolution and transformation as an intrepid business strategist and thought leader, and he has been called on to develop solutions that have enabled stronger customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. He brings along 16+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing and teaching. He has won many performance and leadership awards throughout his career and is dedicated to transforming companies, departments, teams, projects, products, services, and experiences by focusing on the full arc of the Customer Experience. From inclusion consulting and education to leadership development to strategic design, Preetham is committed to helping individuals and organizations shift thoughts, perspectives, actions, words and habits to close the culture gap and thrive. As an individual with an introverted personality, Preetham has effectively learned from experience to lead and strive in a highly competitive world. He is driven by a passion to empower people to reach their true potential and achieve next-level success.