How a Passion for People Drove Jessica Kesaris’s Career in AdTech

At The Forem, we love career stories. How did the world’s most successful people find their dream roles? Who and what aided them on their journeys?

Meet Jessica Kesaris, Global Sales Operations and Productivity Lead at Google. Jessica is a Mentor at The Forem, and one of those lucky few who always had a mentor throughout her career.

Why are mentors so important? She says it’s because those relationships have a lifetime ROI.

“I still have a board of directors I go to today as thought partners and people who lend me direction when I feel stuck,” Jessica told us. “I would be nowhere without them.”

We often underestimate the power of an outside opinion.

Mentors see our potential and hone in on the work we feel most excited about. They help us see past our deliverables and focus on our passions… and at The Forem, we believe passion is an important ingredient for a fulfilling career.

“In undergrad, I was extremely passionate about my major, sociology,” Jessica explained. “I believe this has shaped so much in my career, as early on, I was fascinated by people… how they interact, how they respond to things, and the decisions they make.”

In undergrad, she started an advertising club — which opened the first door for her in the Ad Agency world, and ultimately AdTech. Her enthusiasm for people and relationships then made her an asset in every sales role and helped her think strategically about her career steps.

And, it was this passion for people that helped her maintain a critical skill: building and maintaining relationships and managing successful teams.

“As much as I had my version of a plan, it was my connections and relationships that often led me from one step, and one company, to another, and continue to shape my experience at Google.  I believe my strong execution skills partnered with my strong relationships, self awareness, and overall EQ have driven much of my success.”

At The Forem, we teach that your network is your net worth.


Because 85% of career opportunities will come from your network, so curating those relationships is essential.

It was Jessica’s network that helped shape her career moves, and it has driven her to attain as many formative experiences as possible. Her recent pivot to operations has fulfilled many of her passions.

“I love that my work spans a global organization at Google and I have the big picture purview allowing me to identify patterns and connect dots at scale,” she said.

“The problems in front of us are complex by nature, and it takes strong cross functional collaboration and high EQ to understand the regional and cultural nuances across different teams and drive shared pools of meaning to help align them.

“Without passion, you won’t have a point of view, and without a point of view, you will only be able to operate reactively.”

Jessica’s passion, desire to give back, and impressive resume makes her an ideal fit as one of The Forem’s Mentors.

“The Forem has been the perfect platform for me to help younger professionals, and more seasoned executives, to talk through what is challenging them that day, week, or year.”


Jessica Kesaris
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