Meet Schlaine Hutchins: Living by the Possibility

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Schlaine Hutchins, Director of Information Security at CoverMyMeds, is one of the newest additions to The Forem’s Mentor Program, and we love her passion for helping others.

“I chose to become a mentor because mentoring, coaching and training are my passion and a part of who I am,” Schlaine reflected to us recently. “What I’ve learned so far is that nothing else brings me as much joy as serving others in this capacity.”

Her goal is to help others navigate their careers, show up authentically, and define success for themselves, whatever that looks like.

Schlaine started to hone in her own passions when she began exploring personal development. Recognizing what came naturally to her, and where she was enthusiastic about stepping up for others, was key to aligning her career goals with her skills, and it created opportunities throughout her career that she did not realize were possible.

“What I love about my job now is that I get to work with intelligent, talented, creative, fun people whom I continuously learn from as we solve tough problems in new and exciting ways.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but Schlaine hopes to pass on the lessons she’s learned to help others navigate challenges and find their dream roles.

“A career #fail that I’ve experienced is taking a pay cut to get a position, and not standing my ground and negotiating for what I wanted. What I’ve learned is that it takes several, several years to recover from something like that, because promises are NEVER kept and each new manager or org change puts you that much further behind.”

However, she has always lived by the phrase: “live in the possibility and not the fear.” In Schlaine’s most recent work #win, she was nominated by her manager and selected for the High Potential Leadership program within her company.

We are so excited to have her expertise with us.


TV Show: Elementary

Movie: The Marvel movies

Book: The Patternist Series by Olivia E. Butler

Fun Fact: “I enjoy fitness and dancing. I am a licensed Zumba Fitness instructor and former Crossfit athlete.”


Well, hello! My name is Schlaine. I am a loving, visible, and compassionate leader. By day I’m the Queen of cybersecurity; by night I’m a life coach, mentor, trainer, and friend. Whether you are thinking of entering Tech/IT as a new career, need mentorship as you navigate your existing Tech/ IT career, or could just use some support and advocacy around your goals, I am ready to listen and plan your next steps with you.

In my cybersecurity capacity, my job is to rise to the occasion, ask the right questions, and provide solutions that are both innovative and tempered with logic. I facilitate the kind of clarity that drives decision making in every space I enter. I will get. It. Done. 

I can innovate and facilitate that kind of clarity and focus for you too, as your mentor and friend. Getting to the root of WHY we do what we do is a process that is too often overlooked. My curiosity, generosity and tenacity will shake loose those crucial questions and unlock the significance of your unique career story. I believe the opportunity for evolution exists in every human interaction. I am here for that.