Motivating Change with Minnisa Shook


Minnisa Shook’s career points to a passion for people. By connecting with them and honing in on what they need for development, Minnisa has become a leader empowered to challenge others, on both the individual and systemic levels.

At The Forem, we first met Minnisa when she participated in a Level Up bootcamp, where her expertise in coaching and professional development immediately leaped out at us and inspired us to bring her on board as a Mentor.

“My engagement with Level Up was highly beneficial for me, and I was able to network with a large number of talented women,” she reflected recently. “In return, I wanted to give back more of my time and knowledge.”

Minnisa enjoys helping others expand their professional resources by exploring best practices in relationship building. She is also highly experienced in developing Employee Resource Groups and driving diversity initiatives.

“I am an unconventional and out-of-the-box thinker,” she reflected to us recently. “My current role enables me to use my talents effectively and gives me the opportunity to encourage others to do the same.”

Her career truly began to flourish when she was given her first chance to lead a team of direct reports. “I found that I was gifted in motivating and driving improved performance. I embraced and leaned into the development of my team, and in turn, I became an even stronger leader.”

But for Minnisa, encouraging new sources of motivation and development are not limited to the individual. All the techniques she uses with her team have served her well in driving larger systemic changes.

“I am a very persuasive change influencer. I have been a driving force and vocal communicator for many impactful corporate culture change initiatives. A few of them include, but are not limited to, sharing the history of Juneteenth and encouraging making it a company-wide holiday (made official for 2022); pay scale transparency and yearly compensation reviews for support staff; increase in frequency of promotion opportunities and added level changes for support teams; marketing of Employee Resource Groups during recruiting, and improved internal communications for exposure to international staff.”

The best piece of career advice she ever received?

“Self-advocate! Your leaders may or may not be aware of all that you do to create a more effective work environment for your team, the ways you have impacted change, your business value contributions. If you want it to be known, seen, valued, or recognized then it must start with you.”

(By the way… if you’re unsure how to effectively self-advocate, this is a critical skill The Forem teaches in Level Up.

And lastly? Minnisa wants everyone to remember that careers have ups and downs, and it is always a good idea to ask for help if it means personal and professional growth.

“I have prided myself on being an excellent communicator and having a talent for building relationships. However, during my transition from a career in leading consumer affairs to technology, I experienced a breakdown in communication with my new peers. I came into the space feeling less than confident due to very little previous experience in the tech industry. I felt intimidated by my counterparts and their degree of knowledge. It impacted the development of our relationships and our ability to communicate effectively when necessary.

“I had to lean into my talents and recognize my strengths and the reason I was hired to do the job. I began to trust my ability to learn new skills and, more importantly, I began to trust that my partners were willing to help me. It started with my being able to ask for help. I learned that asking for help was not a weakness or sign of inability but more so the true sign of a responsible leader.”


I am an avid reader of self-help and personal development books. Here are a few of my favorite or next-up reads:

  • Ask and It Is Given, Esther & Jerry Hicks

  • In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day, Mark Batterson

  • Boundaries, Henry Cloud


Minnisa is a gifted coach and relationship builder who is dedicated to fueling people with positivity, motivation, and the tools for self-advocacy. She has 15+ years in customer experience, performance management, and people leadership. Her current role challenges her to develop a measurable quality program and to manage client satisfaction with use of surveying, within Bullhorn’s Professional Services department.  

In addition, Minnisa has pursued her interest for culture development and pivoted toward more opportunities that allow her the bandwidth to drive diversity initiatives. Her goal is to enable the actualization of safe spaces that foster success and support. She has served as the Chair for the company’s employee resource groups (ERG) with Bullhorn for two years. She is also operating as a member of the steering committee, alongside executive leadership, to design the operational standards for ERGs

She is  passionate about people, personal and professional development, networking, and promoting corporate diversity initiatives.