Take the Leap: Career Lessons Learned with Sabina Peskin


Sabina Peskin, Founder of Sabina Peskin Coach


After 10 years at Google Latin America leading high-performing, multicultural teams, Sabina Peskin left her job to launch her own leadership coaching business. People have often asked her if it was difficult to take that leap — but the truth is that she is no stranger to pivots.

“While my passions have changed throughout my career, they have always been connected to learning,” Sabina reflected to us recently. “First understanding how the chemical/physical world worked (I graduated from Food science and technology). Later at Google: consultant selling, customer experience operations, leading a team. Now: accompanying leaders to be successful through coaching and running my own business.”

While the shift from food science and technology to leadership development might seem like a huge evolution, Sabina knows that careers rarely change this dramatically overnight. Rather, it is about paying attention to small shifts.

“I noticed there were moments of the day/week that energized me more than others, and I builded on those smaller career development opportunities to eventually fully transition to my next phase.”

Now, Sabina brings her experience and wisdom to the table as a Mentor for The Forem and as a leadership coach and CEO of her own company.

“It’s when I hear challenges that I recognize the value I can add. I had been doing it for years, but I had never formalized my role before. What I have realized is that every person and situation is different. I can share my opinion of what worked or didn’t work within my context, but it is key to be conscious that each case is unique, to be respectful and to ask directly what the person wants out of the session and what role they want me to play.”

Sabina’s success as a coach likely comes from her extensive experience leading teams and navigating upheaval in her career.

“I went through several reorgs, both as an individual contributor and as a manager. When I look back, I believe I learned from each case to successfully lead through fast-paced, uncertain situations.” She learned that “while crises might look scary, they are also an opportunity to boost our skills and career.”

She also learned the importance of speaking up for herself — something that felt particularly challenging at first, since she identifies as an introvert.

“It’s not only about having impact, but also about being perceived as having impact,” Sabina reflected to us. “This could be interpreted in many ways, so notice the word “also.” I learned in my career that even when I might think I am doing great things, ultimately, in terms of recognition, it will depend on customers/manager/stakeholders perception.”

If you are a manager or new business owner looking for leadership advice, want to know how you can boost your visibility, or simply want to discuss a career change, Sabina is the right mentor to speak with.


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After over 10 years at Google Latin America leading multicultural high-performing teams, Sabina left to launch her own leadership coaching business. She is often asked if it was hard to take the leap, however it wasn’t the first time she pivoted her career. Sabina had graduated from Food Science and Technology and after 1.5 years standardizing croissants and packaging material specifications, she joined the Google Ads Sales team in Buenos Aires. Later she transitioned to the Customer Experience team as a team leader. She grew within her role and became the Head of Spanish Speaking Latin America Customer Experience.