“Live out loud” with Cachet Prescott

Cachet Prescott

If you’ve ever felt nervous about an interview, wanted feedback from an executive on your pitch, or just wished you had someone to talk to about your career goals… then what you needed at that moment was a career mentor. 

Mentors, unlike coaches, can’t be bought.

They’re cheerleaders and guides. They’ll advise you through the highs and lows of your career and will become part of your network.

The Forem prides itself on our crew of volunteer Mentors who have generously opened their doors to our community. Paying members have access to a 1:1 session every month with the mentor of their choice, meaning members always have a steady ear in their corner, no matter what they’re facing at work.

When The Forem scouts for Mentors, we look for the best of the best: highly experienced leaders and innovators who are driven by passion and who prioritize supporting and uplifting others.

Cachet Prescott fits the bill without question.

Her passion lies in challenging people to shift their beliefs, thinking, perspectives, words, behaviors, and habits to be intentional, responsible and accountable. She will change how you show up to the world.

Cachet became a mentor because, for her, mentoring is an impactful way to live out loud.

There were many kind and talented individuals who helped her throughout her career. Connecting and interacting with those amazing professionals from different backgrounds and experiences has been, and continues to be, a rewarding and fulfilling experience that she now wants to pass on to The Forem community.

Cachet has the ability to inspire and leverage the power of empathy to help others rethink inclusion in their businesses, workplaces and beyond, moving from reactive to proactive approaches in these vital conversations.

All of this is aligned with her current role as the Founder & CEO of Shift Matters, a minority and women-owned, organizational development consultancy catalyzing individuals and organizations to make the shift towards intentional inclusion through on-demand leadership, strategy, and skill development and education.

Shift Matters creates space to explore, embrace, and elevate equity in the workplace to supercharge personal and organizational effectiveness and to amplify impact.

(So execs and ERG leaders reading right now… look her up!)

And if you’re a podcast enthusiast…

Cachet is also the founder of All Things (Un)learned, a podcast she launched in the thick of the pandemic.

Her series focuses on the concept of “unlearning” as a powerful means of personal growth and mastery, AND she gets to talk to people from all walks of life about their personal unlearning journeys.

We highly recommend checking it out to discover how to move past the limiting beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and habits holding you back from success in your personal and professional endeavors.

Weekend planning done?

We think so.