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Open Forem is a series of free monthly workshops presented by The Forem, led by our expert facilitators and partners.


Experience firsthand the professional growth and impact that our programs enable for you and your teams. We are excited for you to use these sessions as a preview of how we can fit into your organization’s Learning & Development needs.


✔ APRIL: Managing Time - Better Than Busy
MAY: Self-Advocacy & Business Impact
JUNE: Presenting Persuasively
JULY: Personal Brand
AUGUST: Failing Brilliantly
SEPTEMBER: Stakeholder Alignment
April - May
June - July
August - September

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Most employees can advocate for others, but not for themselves. Yet, we need employees who have a great idea to ensure their work and impact is known. Traditionally, women and underrepresented talent are less likely to self-advocate in corporate settings. We started The Forem in part to help address this challenge.


In this workshop, we ground ourselves in the lens of company impact – and we teach employees how to advocate for their work – aligned with either driving revenue or efficiency bolstering their business case.


In the end, you will have the tools to share the impact of the great work you’re doing in a way that is authentic and memorable.

For: Women & Underrepresented Talent
Facilitator: Jennifer Litwin
VP, Head of Sales & Client Experience

Presenting persuasively is an essential skill for nearly all of us (hint: if you’re sharing your ideas with someone, that’s presenting!) But let’s face it – it’s not easy.


In this fast and focused session you’ll discover the importance of understanding your audience and how to build stronger connections with them. We’ll also share some proven tips and tricks to help manage your nerves and channel your energy in a positive way.


In the end, you will leave with renewed confidence in your presentation prowess.

For:  Good for Everyone!

Facilitator: Jurene Fremstad, Partner
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Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room!


This workshop is dedicated to exploring the key ingredients needed to establish a strong and clear value proposition at work. We will foster introspection to identify unique strengths, passions, and hidden talents. We will workshop those assets into a personal brand statement amongst peers, and practice naturally communicating it to others.


In the end, you will understand the steps to craft and hone your personal brand with confidence.

For: Good for Everyone!
Facilitator: Jennifer Litwin
VP, Head of Sales & Client Experience

Failure. We’ve all been taught to worship success and avoid failure at all costs. But despite its stigma, failure is an inextricable part of leading companies, teams, and projects to success. The more ambitious and innovative our goals, the more inevitable that we will face failure along the way. As leaders, we must go beyond avoiding failure to helping our teams fail brilliantly.


In this workshop, we’ll help leaders redefine what failure is, and reimagine the vital role failure plays in fueling innovation, creativity, and progress. We’ll ask leaders to look inward, examining their own beliefs and points of view about failure.


Leaders will come away with strategies to fuel failing brilliantly cultures that empower team members to speak up, take risks and learn from mistakes.

For: People Leaders & Director+

Facilitator: Mark Strong, CEO
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Stakeholder alignment is a critical element in managing relationships throughout an organization.


In this workshop, we will teach you how to identify the key people that influence a career, and develop an action plan to turn them into your advocates. We examine effective strategies for packaging an “offer” to executives and other career stakeholders, and highlight steps you can take to continue amplifying your visibility and value throughout your organization.


In the end, you will have more confidence and tools at your disposal to engage with your stakeholders.

For: Any People Leader That Needs to Get Buy-In Across Stakeholders
Facilitator: Jennifer Litwin
VP, Head of Sales & Client Experience